Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Allo, again; happy summer! I figured it was about time I got back into the swing of blogging, after my month and a half hiatus. The pic above was from a few summers ago, when I was living the life of an Ontario Ranger. I was on... A lake. Ready to embark on a bracing, all-day canoeing adventure into the wilderness! Ahh, good days they were. But this summer, I've stuck around at home. I'm unfortunately jobless this summer, but that's ok, because big things are in store. One particular "big thing" of note is my sister's wedding! I'm telling you, from what new family members and friends I'm going to be introduced to (and the usual gang), it's going to be an excellent night. And morning. Hehe. Also, now that I think of it, I'm not completely jobless. Not if you count a house-sitting/bird-sitting job for a few weeks. I made a new friend in the process; her name's Teeny. And for a small bird, she can certainly make a lot of noise! But she's a darling, and fun to watch when she knocks down her climbing ladder, and swings on her perch. I also make fart noises with my hands to her--while she seems to like them, she can't quite figure them out.

It's been absolutely roasting outside, which means I've been swimming a lot. It also makes for fervent desires for iced cappuccinos. Particularly those from Tim Horton's.

Ok, in other news: I haven't been baking anything as of late. However, since it's summer fruit season I hope to get around to making something with peaches or blueberries. I've had my eye on a peach betty recipe and one for a blueberry buckle. Mmm.

Everybody follow the World Cup?? I personally didn't... I did however keep up with Paul "the Oracle" Octopus (count on me to do that sort of thing). He seems to be a very laid back fellow.

Picture from Kansas
Paul's all like, "I chuz diz box like a gud octopusseh so i can haz moar foodz"

Also, coming up this August in concert news:

But not together, unfortunately. Just Sir Paul. Unless Ringo decides to make a surprise appearance. But I'mma supa excited! (picture from here).

And seeing as it is Wednesday, here's something to make it more happy. Aaah, I love it!


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Lizzie said...

You're welcome for the award! I apologize for taking so long to get back.

Ah, vlogging/recording is rather easy to do and there's tutorials on almost any video uploading site, the main one being YouTube. Just saying.

Thanks! I think everyone thinks I'm really weird for eating a rice krispy in silence like that on camera. Oh well. haha. :)

Take care!

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